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Hello everyone! A few changes and additions have been made to our group, and this journal is here to let you know what those are.

Rules and Guidelines update
A few edits have been made to our rules and guidelines, some of which affect rules that have been in place for a while now. You can find these edits below:

:bulletred: "No stolen work" rule heavily elaborated upon; no stolen art, copies, traced art, or submitting work that you did not create or literally work on (for example, do not submit a commission that you bought but did not personally create).
:bulletred: "Art collaborations are okay" exception added.
:bulletred: Works in progress (WIPs) and sketches are now OFFICIALLY ALLOWED IN THE GROUP! All artwork that fits this criteria MUST be submitted to our new folder, "WIPs and Sketches", or they will be denied.

New Folders
Two new folders have been added to our gallery! These additions were created based from observation of the art that is submitted to our group each day. Suggestions for more folder types are more than welcome, and we ask that you post them below!

:bulletgreen:Wallpapers: A folder for Warcraft wallpapers and desktop backgrounds. All rules and guidelines apply.
:bulletgreen:WIPs and Sketches: All unfinished artwork goes here, and here only!

In accordance with these changes, I will be scavenging all our folders for any artwork submitted recently that fit the criteria of our new folders and moving them appropriately.

Thank you for keeping us a healthy, active group! We look forward to seeing your great Warcraft art!
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August 17, 2015


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